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Hair Botox

Learn how to perform Botox for hair. Increase your skills or apply your knowledge for yourself.

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Train a hair master profession and start your journey in one of the most creative professions.

This course is for you if you:

  • You want to start your way into the beauty industry as a hair master;

  • You dream to realize your creative potential;

  • You like the transformation effect;

  • You want to learn care procedures for yourself and perform them at home;

  • You think that a successful trip to the hairdresser affects the woman's body just like a course of vitamins. And hair care is the best generator of positive changes in life.

Course programm
Course programm
The course “Botox for hair” consists of a practical and theoretical part:

  1. Features of Botox procedure;
  2. Required materials and tools for the procedure;
  3. Technology of application of composition;
  4. Further recommendations for care.

Separately, you can purchase a practical lesson in which the teacher performs a botox procedure for hair on the model.

You`ll learn:
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  • Selecting products to perform the procedure
  • Carry out Botox procedure for hair safely without harming hair
  • Work with clients with different hair conditions, properly select the care procedure
  • To render a service immediately after passing theory and practice
How are the lessons conducted?
You watch the theoretical lessons
You take a test on the material you've learned
If you wish, you can get an international certificate
You watch the practical lessons and consolidate your knowledge
International University of beauty technology
International Certificate
Every student who completes a course successfully at our University receives an Identification Card. This identification number can be used to login to our website, fill up a form and receive A Certificate of Completion
Take a course and get a certificate today!

You can get the certificate in your personal account right after the course

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Course Reviews
Амина 5 22.04.2020 Спасибо за курс по направлению "Салонные процедуры для волос"! Приобрела для себя и сразу же заказала набор проф косметики в интернет-магазине. Теперь мои волосы выглядят как с рекламы Пантин.
Ксения 5 14.04.2020 Уже 5 лет я занимаюсь стрижками и окрашиванием волос. Сейчас решила повысить свою квалификацию за счет салонных процедур. Теперь могу выполнять: ботокс, нанопластику, кератин и ламинирование. Покупала пакетом, там действительно выгоднее!
Регина 5 21.04.2020 Очень понравились курсы! Отличное изложение материала и главное очень подробно рассказал преподаватель какую процедуру и для каких волос использовать!
Your teacher
Преподаватель направления уход за волосами
About teacher
Anna is a multifunctional expert, a true veteran of the beauty industry and the great pride of the University. She has in her arsenal, skills in both hairdressing and makeup. Since she is highly skilled in several areas, Anna has worked as an expert in beauty salons, as a stylist for the print media, and as a make-up artist in the theater. Her rich experience enabled her to open her studio and start teaching. For more than ten years, Anna has been successfully implementing her project, where she has been training qualified specialists, some of the best in their field. At our University, Anna teaches courses in the areas of “Makeup”, “Hair Extensions” and “Hair Care”.1. Catherine Eyebrow Teacher
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*According to business-top magazine

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How are the lessons conducted?
Lessons take place online. For training, you need a laptop or a smartphone with stable internet access. At any given time, you can stop the lesson, take a break, or write down notes to help learn the material.
What does it take to start training?
It's easy to start training. First you get access to the desired course, then you go to your personal account on our website. From now on, you can start watching video tutorials.
Will I get a certificate? And how will it help me?
You obtain an international certificate after passing the theoretical part. It contains a unique code that can be checked in a special section on the site. Furthermore, your clients or employers can check the validity of the certificate.
How do we select the teaching staff?
All potential teachers are selected in three stages. The first stage is an interview with a specialist in the selection of personnel. On the second there is a conversation with the methodologist of training courses. In the final part, we do a test recording of the lesson. Consequently, we decide on the competence and abilities of the applicant. We strive to ensure that our students gain knowledge from top teachers of the beauty industry
How are the videos made?
We shoot video lessons with the help of a professional team that consists of a cameraman, sound engineer, light director and training course methodologist. Recording practical lessons are filmed using two cameras, and macro photography is also used for a better presentation of the material.
What you need to work out in practice on the course “Botox for hair”
We shoot video lessons with the participation of a professional team consisting of: cameraman, sound engineer, light director and training course methodologist.

Recording practical lessons is carried out with two cameras, macro shooting is also used to better feed material.
I'm not from Russia. Can I gain knowledge on the course?
Our geography is not limited. Today we educate students in more than 15 countries.

Courses are available in Russian. English dubbing will soon be carried out.