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Бровист PRO

Стань профессиональным BROW-мастером, которого клиенты порекомендуют всем своим друзьям

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Повысь свою квалификацию бровиста и стань топ-мастером.

Этот курс для тебя, если ты хочешь:

  • получить систематизированную базу знаний и навыков, которая поможет вырасти, как специалист;

  • научиться работать со сложными случаями – сильной асимметрией, проплешинами;

  • поднять прайс за услуги и расширить клиентскую базу.

Course programm
Course programm

Курс «Бровист PRO» состоит из практической и теоретической частей.

  • техника работы с хной;
  • наращивание бровей;
  • этика общения с клиентами.
Отдельно можно приобрести практическое занятие, где преподаватель пошагово выполнит процедуру коррекции, окрашивания и наращивания бровей.
You`ll learn:
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  • Разбираться в главных современных тенденциях в оформлении бровей
  • Делать биотатуаж бровей хной
  • Проводить процедуру наращивания бровей, корректируя редкие и светлые брови
  • Предлагать клиентом высочайший сервис, повышая прайс на свои услуги
How are the lessons conducted?
You watch the theoretical lessons
You take a test on the material you've learned
If you wish, you can get an international certificate
You watch the practical lessons and consolidate your knowledge
International University of beauty technology
International Certificate
Every student who completes a course successfully at our University receives an Identification Card. This identification number can be used to login to our website, fill up a form and receive A Certificate of Completion
Take a course and get a certificate today!

You can get the certificate in your personal account right after the course

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Course Reviews
Vasilisa 5 08.01.2020 I worked as a specialist on eyelash extensions for a long time, and to be honest, got a little bored. I resolved to try something new and so signed up for courses on eyebrows. As a result, I have added new skills to the list of my services (I can work on the eyelashes and brows of the same client). The only thing, I would like a little more detailed information on the topic of “problem” eyebrows.
Vera 5 18.03.2020 In current conditions, beauty courses are a real find! Especially for such a cost. This is a great fallback for those who doubt tomorrow. I am sure that immediately after quarantine, the stream of recordings on the procedures will be incredible.
Yelena 5 28.01.2020 I saw the ad for the courses on Instagram and was extremely surprised that you can immerse yourself in this profession for such a low price. I was not sure about the profession of a makeup artist; so I decided to try and understand the potential difficulties.

The teacher revealed not only the professional secrets but also all difficulties that novices could face. Soon the basic course finished and I found “Wedding Makeup” to be the highlight. Tomorrow I am going to buy my first set of professional kit.
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*According to business-top magazine

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How are the lessons conducted?
Lessons take place online. For training, you need a laptop or a smartphone with stable internet access. At any given time, you can stop the lesson, take a break, or write down notes to help learn the material.
Will I get a certificate? And how will it help me?
You obtain an international certificate after passing the theoretical part. It contains a unique code that can be checked in a special section on the site. Furthermore, your clients or employers can check the validity of the certificate.
How do we select the teaching staff?
All potential teachers are selected in three stages. The first stage is an interview with a specialist in the selection of personnel. On the second there is a conversation with the methodologist of training courses. In the final part, we do a test recording of the lesson. Consequently, we decide on the competence and abilities of the applicant. We strive to ensure that our students gain knowledge from top teachers of the beauty industry
How are the videos made?
We shoot video lessons with the help of a professional team that consists of a cameraman, sound engineer, light director and training course methodologist. Recording practical lessons are filmed using two cameras, and macro photography is also used for a better presentation of the material.
I'm not from Russia. Can I gain knowledge on the course?
Our geography is not limited. Today we educate students in more than 15 countries.

Courses are available in Russian. English dubbing will soon be carried out.